Current STEM Projects


  • GoPro technology is being employed for real-world physics and kinematics applications (Grades 8-9, 12).
  • Students are making use of NCBI Blast and other online data in AP biology to understand bioinformatics (Grade 12).
  • Teachers continue to implement 3D design, scanning and printing into lessons as they adopt a Maker approach to the sciences (Grades 6-8). Room 65 has become a modular maker/robotics space for students to pursue independent projects.
  • Lessons in GIS are being taught in the mornings for students interested in mapping and geographic modeling (Grades 9-12).



  • Teachers are making use of online learning platforms and apps to engage students and gather data about student performance in real time (Grades k-12).
  • BWL computer monitors and Haiku pages feature a “STEM Question of the Week” which provides students with opportunities to solve multidisciplinary problems and receive acknowledgement for their solutions during assemblies (Grades 6-12).
  • Students are utilizing technology to engage with journalism on multiple levels. Recording Radio shows, creating online newspapers, and digitizing interviews are some of the highlights of the digital media program (Grades 5-12).



  • High School students are participating in the “Dream It, Code It, Win It Challenge” where they design and program solutions to modern problems for the opportunity to win scholarships (Grades 6-12).
  • Students are investigating virtual reality in a middle school activity entitled “Google Cardboard,” with virtual field trips in the future (Grades 6-8).
  • A “Maker Club” has been created where students can tinker, create, design, and build novel projects (Grades 6-12).




  • Models of functions and geometric shapes are being printed in 3D for classroom use (Grades 6-12).
  • Students are working with the Museum of Math and the New York Hall of Science in distance learning projects (Grades 6-8).



  • BWL has partnering with Columbia University to host a “Visiting Professor Speaker Series” Outside of class, Columbia faculty members lecture on topics ranging from Cosmology to Virology (Grades 6-12).
  • Google Apps, and mobile technology including iPads Chromebooks, and the Learning Management System, Haiku, are being utilized throughout the school(Grades k-12).
  • Teachers invite professors and experts into their classrooms via videochat. So far, meetings are scheduled with Columbia University, Stony Brook, the AMNH, and The NY Hall of Science (Grades 6-12).
  • A part of the BWL media presence, science videos are being  posted to the BWL STEM youtube channel including slow motion videos, electrostatics demonstrations, and time-lapsed thermodynamics experiments.