Future STEM Undertakings



  • GoPro Technology will be used for time-lapse exploration of growth and development of plants and crystals (Grades 6-7, 11-12)
  • BWL has partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. This digital learning network will allow students to engage with astrophysicists in their research (Grades k-12).
  • Students will explore the atmosphere through a physics lens by launching a helium balloon equipped with videostream technology into space (Grades 8-9, 12).




  • The BWL radio show will be offering web exclusive content, including extended interviews and student resources. (Grades 9-12).



  • A training conference will be organized for the summer of 2016 where teachers will be trained in a variety of STEM technologies,  and will practice problem-based learning in the classroom (Grades k-12).
  • A neurology-based Independent Study opportunity will be offered to Upper School Students. Utilizing EEG and other brain mapping, students will have the opportunity to explore how brain waves can create synthesized music through a computer interface (Grades 9-12).
  • Exploring Opportunities for distance learning through The Hybrid Learning Consortium, an initiative created by the Barstow School in Kansas City to allow Upper School students to take online courses at any partnered Independent School. (Grades 9-12).
  • STEM administrators will explore further opportunities to incorporate STEAM learning into the curricula by attending conferences and exploring ways other schools implement STEM (Grades k-12).
  • The school will sponsor student’s attendance at conferences such as TEDYouth and The D.C. STEM Expo and host a TEDx Assembly for students and parents (6-12)
  • STEM Nights will be hosted at the school for each division along different themes from panels to speakers to tinker evenings (k-12).
  • Room 55 is being modeled into a modular maker space where students’ STEM work can be displayed and students can work on projects ranging from 3D Design and printing to virtual reality programming and simulation (k-12)
  • STEM Assemblies and maker clubs will be expanded to all grades (k-12).
  • Google Classroom will be explored as a Learning Management system to dovetail with Haiku and Google Apps.