The Physics of Superheroes**


Physics at first may seem like a daunting subject; the formulas alone require a different alphabet to understand, not to mention the difficulty of solving them.

However a University of Minnesota Professor, James Kakalios, aims to take physics out of the pages of the Renaissance and place it squarely in the modern age. By relating key concepts like centripetal force and gravity to the superhuman feats of comic book heroes, Kakalios puts physics on the same level as The Avengers for world-saving power.

This funny and insightful book offers a look at how Marvel and DC borrowed ideas from science, and why superman’s flying abilities just might make sense.

While the incredible speed of Flash Gordon explains special relativity, Iron Man’s suit can be used as an example of solid-state physics. By connecting real life to the world of fantasy, “The Physics of Superheroes” puts Galileo, Einstein and Hawking in spandex, and hypothesizes that their discoveries just might make them the best crime fighters who ever existed.

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The Physics of Superheroes
By James Kakalios

**For Middle School Readers and Above