A Little Birdie Told Me


Did you know you can follow scientists and science news on Twitter?
A few awesome accounts include:

@neiltyson – The renound astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium Neil DeGrasse Tyson includes cool science quips like “it would take 7 seconds to cook a 16 inch pizza on the surface of Venus.”

@The Science Guy – Bill Nye himself announces science news with a quirky sense of humor and bow-tie to match.

@marscuriosity – Now you can receive tweets from the surface of another planet! The curiosity rover aims to answer questions like “What happened to the water on mars? Did there use to be life on the red planet? Would it ever be safe for humans to live there?” And of course, “Check out this awesome YouTube video of aliens dancing!”

@BadAstronomer – Astronomer Phil Plait answers all your burning questions, like ‘What do we call a galaxy we can’t see?’ answer: Waldo

@Jonahlehrer – Jonah Lehrer, contributing editor for Wired Magazine talks tech on his feed

@sciandthecity – The New York Academy of Sciences’ twitter feed that announces local events, lecture series and movie screenings.

@MarionNestle – This nutritionist, featured in the amazing “Supersize Me” documentary, has one of the largest twitter followings about health. She writes about food science.

@MichaelPollan – The best selling author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food” tweets about when science collides with what we eat.

@NSF – The National Science Foundation brings up to date news as quickly as a PBS sponsor announcement.