Internships and Community Service






Woodlands Youth Programs: ROOTS and Apprentice Program

Application deadlines for two of the Central Park Conservancy’s spring programs are fast approaching. If you have students who might be interested in learning more about the history, management, or ecology of Central Park while earning community service hours this spring, please feel free to pass on the following information.

When: Wednesdays, April & May, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Where: Hallett Nature Sanctuary
What: Students work on ecological restoration projects in the Hallett Nature Sanctuary. Projects might include removal of invasive species, cultivating native plantings, wildlife and plant surveys, debris removal, and trail maintenance.
Who: Students in grades 9-12.
Application Deadline: February 28th

Visitor Experience Apprentice Program (formerly the Spring Visitor Center Internship)
When: Saturdays, late March through early June, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: Students work in a visitor center, gift shop, recreation center, or with our Discovery Guides.
What: 6 positions available to work alongside Visitor Experience staff in a variety of roles.
Who: High school students. Must be at least 16 by June 1.
Application Deadline: February 15th. To receive a copy of the application, email

Directions to fill out application:
To fill out your application, open the document using Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader for free here: Type your information into each field in the document. When you have completed the application, go to FILE, SAVE, and save the document to your computer. You can submit it via email as an attachment. Please do not use Adobe Echosign to submit your application.

I have attached an application to the ROOTS program here. Students interested in the Visitor Experience Apprentice Program can request a copy of the application by emailing

ROOTS Application


The Brooklyn Grange

This summer, the Science in the City program had the opportunity to visit the second-largest rooftop farm in the world, located in Queens. Confusingly called “The Brooklyn Grange,” this aerial garden has been growing fresh, organic, local food and supplying it to restaurants in the area.

The vegetables they grow are beyond compare and the hands-on education they provide cannot be found anywhere else in the city. The grange works year-round and is always looking for extra help. To volunteer with the organization, follow this link

World Science Festival

Each Spring, the streets of New York are overrun with scientists hoping to showcase their new discoveries and technologies at the World Science Festival. Everyone who’s anyone in the field of science attends the festival. There are neuroscience researchers who map the brain and physics specialists who discuss the Higg’s boson.

Although the World Fair has been disbanded, the festival serves as a platform for scientists to share their work. Being part of this amazing event is an incredible opportunity; because BWL is located in the host city, students have the chance to volunteer with the WSF.

The Festival organizers are currently taking applications for internships and volunteer hours; find them here to apply!

Central Park Volunteer Programs

Last year, a number of BWL high schoolers participated in an after school community service program in Central Park.

As members of the Woodlands Youth Crew, they not only received hours toward the graduation requirement, but made such a good impression on the Central Park Conservancy that we were already asked to return in the fall.

The Woodlands Youth program includes two hours of forest maintenance, which is two hours engaged in the peaceful Japanese art of “forest bathing,” a practice that has shown evidence of lowering blood pressure and increasing immunity. This “perfect for stressed students” activity is an immediate karmic reward for doing environmental good.