FIRST Robotics

Last year was the inaugural year for the high school FIRST Robotics team; the Birch Bots. The Birch Bots got the Rookie All-Star award for their box stacking robot, dubbed “5421” in the New York Regional competition, which is an award that “Celebrates rookie teams successfully implementing the mission of FIRST and having strong partnerships.”( This award enabled them to go to Saint Louis, MI for the World Championships, held in the Rams Stadium. BWL students competed among 600 teams, forming alliances with students, replacing parts after each battle, and programming on the competition floor.

This year we are proud to announce the further development of robotics, with new teams for both the Lower School and the Middle School.

The Lower School team will compete in the FIRST Lego League, where students create an autonomous Lego NXT robot in order to complete challenges. The Middle School is competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge, where teams design and assemble a robot from a kit of parts. The Upper School will continue to compete in the National Competition. The Birch Wathen Lenox Official Robotics will be up and running site soon.